About Us

My name is Phil Didlake and I’m a music therapist and the director of Rhythmic Innovation and I believe that Rhythm is the most universal and accessible element in music that allows multi-generations and cultures to connect in real time. In fact, research shows that group drumming has the ability to improve mood, promote non-verbal communication, and increase commitment to those we drum together with. We offer specialized programs for private events, hospitals, schools, and corporations. Our rhythm based program include group drumming, song and drum circles, workshops and presentations to help advance education, wellness, and your community enrichment needs.


Phil Didlake

Phil Didlake recently completed a six-month Music Therapy Internship with Music For Therapy in the San Francisco Bay Area and continues to provide drumming interventions from children and adults of all abilities. A drummer and multi-instrumentalist, Didlake has over 8 years of experience facilitating rhythm and inclusive musical events to promote individual and organizational growth. Didlake is a drum facilitator trained in the healthRHYTHMS protocol and recently completed his music therapy degree from Berklee College of Music in Boston. While pursuing his studies, Didlake served as president of the New England Region - American Music Therapy Association for Students, organized and ran a weekly drum circle facilitation group, and was featured in a Berklee press release recognizing inspiring students in the 2016 graduating class. Didlake is on a team developing an evidence-based drumming protocol known as Drummassage and continues to build communities around drums, music, and dance.





Jenny Madrigal

Originally from the southwest, Jenny knows the value of early childhood music, and began taking formal music lessons at 4 years old. Jenny is passionate about helping others and decided to apply for Music Therapy while attending Berklee College of Music in Boston. There, she received a dual bachelors of music in Music Therapy and Music Business Management. In Boston, she interned for Shelter Music Boston, a nonprofit that provides live classical music performances to homeless shelters. She was also apart of the Berklee City Music program, which offers music lessons and ensembles to inner city youth. Recently Jenny finished her Music Therapy clinical internship in San Diego at MusicWorxs and Resounding Joy, working in general hospital, pediatric, geriatric and elementary school settings. She has joined Phil Didlake in the San Fransisco Bay Area, and together they have started Rhythmic Innovation.